At Pana Chocolate they live by the motto “Love Your Insides. Love The Earth.” They want their chocolate to be GOOD for you, and kind to the EARTH. Pana Chocolate are PROUD supporters in helping organisations such as Fifteen Trees, Landcare Australia, WetLand Care AustraliaSea Shephard and Peter Singer to continue to achieve their GOALS.


This year, Pana Barbounis, founder of Pana Chocolate,  has generously donated 9,600 trees to Fifteen Trees for distribution to community groups in Victoria and NSW. This Lismore (NSW) planting site is one of 6 areas to receive Pana trees. Other areas include University of Newcastle, Kinglake, Flowerdale, Brisbane Ranges and Botany Bay National Park.

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Photos by Lorinda Wood 2015

Restoring the habitat of Hollingsworth Creek

“Hollingsworth Creek is located in the township of Lismore in northern NSW. This small but important creek is a tributary of the Wilsons River. Historical clearing and land use activities have left much of Hollingsworth Creek devoid of any vegetation leading to erosion issues and lack of habitat for aquatic and terrestrial fauna species.

Despite this, Hollingsworth creek does support a small remnant of Lowland Rainforest which is an Endangered Ecological Community (EEC) and also two threatened flora species Thorny Pea (Desmodium acanthocladum) and the endangered Sweet Myrtle (Gossia fragrantissima).

WetlandCare Australia and Conservation Volunteers Australia, in partnership with Fifteen Trees, Pana Chocolate and South Lismore Landcare have successfully undertaken a native re-vegetation planting to restore the vegetation community of Hollingsworth Creek. Restoring this site will enhance fauna habitat and improve the water quality in the Wilson River catchment”.

Eli Dutton B.App.Sci Coastal Management | Senior Project Officer | WetlandCare Australia | Conservation Volunteers


Eli and the team.

Pana kindly donated one hundred trees to this project. Wetland Care Australia and Conservation Volunteers were delighted to receive the contribution.

All up 9,600 trees for 2015 from Pana Chocolate. Add the 10,000 trees from 2014 and the 1,000 trees from 2013 and we can see just how generous this company is – 20,600 trees over the past 3 years.

Massive THANK YOU to Pana and your team (in particular Imogen, Ashleigh and Amanda), from all the organisations and people involved planting your trees.

Slainte (Irish for cheers) – Colleen