It is official – Fifteen Trees has truly gone international with the planting of our trees in NZ!

Beautiful location.

Hamilton, NZ.

The linux conference (open source software) is annually held around this time of the year.  The location changes and this year the conference is being held in Auckland, NZ. Conference organizer, Sae-Ra Germaine contacted Fifteen Trees to discuss how to run the conference with a small footprint. One idea we came up with, was to give attendees the option to ‘tick’ a box (upon registering) to buy a tree for Landcare. One hundred and twenty people decided to take up this option and as a result, 120 trees were planted at Hamilton NZ by the NZ Landcare Trust.

The chain gang.

The planting gang.

Heidi Clark (Volcano to Sea Project Coordinator) at NZ Landcare Trust wrote .. Please find attached a few pictures from the Communities for Clean Water & Restoration Event.  It was a really great day even with the rain! So many organisations and people worked together to make this event happen. We had about 30 people attend and together we planted over 120 native plants, picked up rubbish and then tested the stream for water quality. Thank you for your donation of the trees. It was very much appreciated”.

Thank you to the attendees of the linux conference who chipped in $5.00 to have a tree planted on their behalf. Linux has been supporting Fifteen Trees for a number of years now. All up, 120 trees have been planted in NZ, 122 in Victoria and 187 in the ACT, all due to Linux.

Pretty impressive, super cool computer people!

Slainte – Colleen