Hi Colleen,
Please find attached some photos from our tree planting last Friday. The photo shows one of the teachers demonstrating how to plant the tube stock.

Tree planting.

The children worked with their buddy and will be responsible for looking after their tree. We used Hamilton tree planters for the holes, watered them in with seasol and put a guard around each one.

Colleen, please thank your supporters for the opportunity to plant 75 trees with our school children.

Cilla Leonard
Acting Principal
Hepburn PS

And so … I pass on the thanks to Richarda who has enabled these 75 trees to be planted in a small primary school in the Hepburn Shire (just near Daylesford). Richarda wanted Fifteen Trees to plant on the behalf of her father Andy. Andy was a long time Landcare member, who collected local seed from native trees to propagate seedlings. These seedlings he then planted on the family farm.

What a wonderful legacy!

Slainte – Colleen