Ross Morley, Managing Director of G. J. Gardner Homes has been supporting our native environment (through Fifteen Trees) since 2013 and has helped plant 1000’s of trees across Victoria and Tasmania. For every new home built, Fifteen Trees organises the planting of 15 trees in the local district. This year, the project will see over 7,000 trees planted by schools, landcare and various environmental groups.


Darren and Bronwyn Hinton from G. J. Gardner Homes Swan Hill are generous supporters of local community groups and their tree planting projects. This year, this duo have purchased 195 trees for Kristy Scalora and the Tooleybuc Central School.

TAFE students

Ag students

Kristy, a parent committee member, writes …

The Tooleybuc Central School  received 195 trees which were sponsored by GJ Gardner Homes Swan Hill, through the Fifteen Trees project.

Tooleybuc Central School is a small school with students in foundation to year 12. Being part of a rural community, the school offers students the opportunity to learn skills relating to agriculture and horticulture, this is where the GJG donation came in as a valuable learning tool.

Farm maintenance students (Yrs 9 and 10) manufactured a wire twitcher to make fences from recycled wire in order to fence off areas for the trees to be planted in to protect them from stock. The trees have been planted in the schools Ag plot. As well as learning about site preparation, tree planting and why tree guards need to be placed around new plantings, the students also gained knowledge on native tree selection, most importantly they enjoyed the practical experience of getting their hands dirty whilst planting the trees.

Tooleybuc Central School thanks Fifteen Trees and G.J. Gardner Homes for providing such a valuable learning opportunity and look forward to watching our trees grow. Farming and conservation together has made our Ag plot cooler for the stock as well as being great for our environment.

Huge thank you to Darren and Bronwyn for enabling these trees to be planted this year. The trees have found a great home. Over the summer, the Ag students will be looking after the trees to ensure they survive the predicted long hot days to come.

Slainte (Irish for cheers) Colleen