Design duo Keir Mac Donald and Asha Cato are based in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. From their studio they make the most beautiful ceramic jewellery, pots and home-wares.  Asha and Keir kick in for 75 trees every quarter and have been doing so for a number of years. If you haven’t seen their website Angus & Celeste, please go and visit. This quarter, their 75 trees went to a primary school in the western Ballarat suburb of Wendouree.

Two tykes from Wendouree PS

Two little tackers from Wendouree PS

Student Macey Williamson wrote “Despite the weather, today was an absolutely fantastic day for the nature loving grade 5/6 class. Kylie Rose, one of our great friends came to our school today to plant 75 trees along the western side of our oval. After we all lined up, Kylie explained how to plant the trees.

When we went off to plant the trees, Mary made us choose a partner and of course I picked Emma because I work the best with her. So we went off and planted the trees just how Kylie showed us. First we dug a hole with our shovels and then we had to tip the tree upside down and tap on the bottom so we could gently pull it out. Then we put a plastic cover around it so it would be protected against frosts.

Then Ms Branagh came out and took photos for the newsletter. Some of us even planted 2 trees, like Emma and I. Kylie came around to help us put the plastic tree guards up and even Mr. McNeight was helping us. Then we said goodbye to Kylie, and had a quick run around the oval to warm up and then went back to our classroom”.

Huge thank you to Asha and Keir. Your trees are slowly moving across the state and indeed Australia and to date we have planted 900 on your behalf. A forest!

Slainte – Colleen