I found Emily (or rather she found me) earlier this year at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, when she wandered past my Fifteen Trees stall and bought some trees for The Brisbane Ranges. Ten months later, Emily contacted me wanting to have more trees planted, this time on the behalf of herself and her new husband Ash.

I am always delighted to plant trees and had the 130 trees planted at 2 locations, one in NSW and the other in Victoria.

At Little Llangothlin Lagoon, perched on the northern tablelands of NSW, 85 trees were planted on the behalf of Em and Ash. This unique wetland area is dire need of trees. Trees are needed to improve the biodiversity of the area and also to provide habitat to the myriad of water-birds that live there. The 85 trees were planted as part of a big planting day by WetlandCare Australia that all up, saw 300 trees planted.


Meanwhile, in the north west district of Victoria, another 45 trees were planted on the behalf of the new couple. This area is a far cry from the wetlands of NSW. Dry and flat, the land is in desperate need of re-vegetation. The remaining 45 trees went to the Donald Field and Game Reserve. President Robert Adams (pictured below) was very grateful for the trees and encouraged a few members to help him plant. This reserve is a popular site and is used regularly by locals and visitors.

Thank you Em for your generous donation to allow 130 trees to be planted in 2 states of Australia. And CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding.

Helping out also with the trees for Donald is Marlie Grant. Marlie has been supporting Fifteen Trees for a number of years. This time round, Marlie has bought 15 trees for her good friend Kelly Hansen. Thank you Marlie for your on-going support.

In Donald, Marlie’s and Em’s trees were part of a larger planting of 100 trees. In this instance, Fifteen Trees kicked in for the tree guards.


Slainte – Colleen