The Pentland Hills district of Victoria is roughly 50 km west north-west of Melbourne. If you have ever traveled up to Ballarat (by road or rail) you will at some stage find yourself weaving through these hills. This district has its own micro-climate. The weather will suddenly change from sunshine to howling winds and rain, the road signs will light up with flashing ‘slippery with wet’ warnings, fog will fall like a wet blanket and the sky will become ominously black (I exaggerate not).

However, living amongst these hills are a group of hardy landholders who care very much for their native environment. So much so, that they are working their way along the Myrniong Creek planting trees as part of a Biolink project that links Mt Blackwood to the Werribee Gorge. This project is long term.

Helping out with their tree planting day were volunteers from the Bacchus Marsh Lions Club, the Myrniong Primary School and the Friends of Werribee Gorge.

Supporters of Fifteen Trees kicked in with 254 trees for the project.


Huge thanks go to a number of individuals and companies.

Thank you to Will Davis and Dave Trumbull of Car Next Door (car sharing service in Victoria and NSW) who paid for 30 trees. Car sharing, what a great unique way to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the cost of running your own car. Thank you to Simon Hughes of Renovators Paradise (a treasure trove in Huntingdale ) who paid for 75 trees. James Benaud from Australian Images Photography has also paid for 15 trees to help run his company car with a smaller carbon footprint. Thank you James.

Thank you to The City of Ballarat and Shiree from Pilkinton Productions who bought 11 trees as gifts for the 11 families who hosted the Inagawa Japan Delegation Visit 2014. These families were .. Jeffrey, Hutton/Cook, Jamali, Vallance, Bourke-Finn, Byrnes, Dixon/Niederle, Wedley/Versloot, Nicholls/Wunder, Young/Fitzwater and Yorke/Edwards.

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Across the seas and all the way to Minnesota USA, I would like to thank Prof Charles Taliaferro for 15 of the trees. Charles has gifted these trees to newly weds – Allyn and Tim, to whom we wish all the very best. Please be assured that we will look after your trees (and even take you out to view them should you decided to venture ‘down under’). Charles wanted to give names to the trees. Here they are – Allyn the forever and a day friend, Tim our new forever and a day friend, Allyn and Tim, Tim and Allyn, Mrs. Chandler, David Chandler, JR, Mr. Chandler, Sr., Tony and Sally, Rick and Flo, November 16, The Place, Bingo, Love, Charlie and Jil.

Lien Duong from Sunshine has generously help pay for 108 of the trees. Lien is a good friend of Bea Quach who is also a great supporter of Fifteen Trees.

All up 254 trees have been planted in this beautiful district of Victoria. These trees would not have been planted without the support of all those mentioned above.

Once again, thank you for your generosity.

Slainte – Colleen