Cindy Veitch and her students from Moonambel have taken over the old oval at their school and are in the process of developing it into a native garden and reserve for wildlife. Their sustainability project will be a long term one and Fifteen Trees is delighted to be involved by supplying some of their first trees (60).

The trees.

The trees.

From my understanding, the students dug 31 holes in preparation for tree planting and the next day one of the students (Joel) turned up with a back hoe and proceeded to dig holes for the remaining 29 trees!

Joel's backhoe.

Joel’s back hoe.

The trees were planted with tree guards and a watering roster has been devised. Thank you to Cindy, what a fantastic legacy you and your students are providing for your school.

Fifteen Trees would like to thank the following people for their contribution – Damien McClellan from EcoTreasures, a Sydney tour company that specializes in eco tours in NSW (10 trees), Christine Wright (30 trees), Federal Member for Ballarat Catherine King (15 trees) and Sabina Crawley who has bought 3 trees as a gift for her friend Joan Ashman. Fifteen Trees kicked in for the remaining 2 trees.

Community groups are now planing their projects for 2014. If you have been thinking about supporting tree planting now is the time.

Slainte – Colleen