Dear Colleen.

Thank you to Fifteen Trees and G.J Gardner Homes Perth (Metro East and Metro West) for proving 300 trees to our landcare group.

The trees were planted to strengthen a small wetland area at Pelican Point in Crawley Western Australia.

The location forms part of Bush Forever Site, and is adjacent to the Pelican Point Marine Park. The shallows, beaches and riparian vegetation provide some of the last remaining habitat in the whole of the Swan River Estuary for a diversity of bush and water birds, including trans-equatorial wading birds protected under agreements Australia has with China, Japan and South Korea. Some of the species dependent on the site are endangered, including the Fairy tern and the Red-necked stint.


The site holds some of the last 1% of Vasse Vegetation Complex remaining in the Region (the rest has been cleared for development); hence our careful selection of plant species to support this threatened ecological community. The plants supplied by NAMS were appropriate and very healthy and strong. Some species provided will provide habitat for the threatened Carnaby’s Black-cockatoo.

Our event was well-supported, with around 30 people volunteering to assist with the task. This included three people (and their children) from G. J. Gardner Homes,  students from the University of Western Australia and SERAG members. It was very challenging work on a very hot morning; so we were delighted that people persevered despite the uncomfortable conditions.

Catherine O’Neill  | Chairperson SERAG (Swan Estuary Reserves Action Group).


A huge thank you to John Kelly and Rob Hyde from GJG Perth for contributing to the revegetation of this significant area in WA. Catherine mentioned that heavy and steady rain fell the following day – this will give these trees have a very good chance of survival.

Slainte – Colleen