Wardandi means ‘people who live by the ocean and walk the forest paths’. Local Nyungar elders gave permission to use the name to the Austalind Bushcare Council (who looks after the site). Some of the Council’s activities include; plant and fauna surveys, fencing, weed control, rubbish removal, guided wildflower walks and planting trees! Which is where Austin Letto and G.J. Gardner Homes Bunbury come into the picture.

Austin Ietto planted trees to rehabilitate degraded margin of Wardandi Flora Reserve For every new home GJG home built in Bunbury, Austin (through Fifteen Trees) has 15 trees planted. This year, Austin’s trees (300) went out to the Wardandi Flora Reserve. On the day of planting Austin (pictured) and his team attended the site to lend a helping hand.

It is interesting to note that this site is the only A-Class reserve in this district. Doubly important to protect this area.

Thank you Austin for your support.

Slainte – Colleen