James and Susan Bufton have for many years worked the historic Staughton Vale holding. Located at the foot of the Brisbane Ranges, it is a landmark property of historical and architectural significance. The blue-stone home (1870) is one of the earlier homes in the area.

Planting along the Little River.

Planting along the Little River.


The couple have extensively revegetated almost the full length of the the Little River that runs through the property. The revegetation has resulted in the Little River becoming a more effective wildlife corridor as well as a contributer to the health of the waterway.



Through the supporters of Fifteen Trees, we were able to offer James and Susan 165 trees for planting at Staughton Vale.

There are a few people to thank for these trees.

Firstly, the always fabulous Asha and Keir from Angus & Celeste have helped out with 75 trees. Asha and Keir donate $1.00 from their on-line sales and to date have helped plant over 700 trees. Richard Hayden from Hayden Real Estate has supported to the tune of 30 trees (and in the process he has reduced the carbon footprint of his 2 cars), Andrew Grant from Golden Nugget Discovery Tours has contributed with 15 trees and Geoffrey Lea from Tasmania has also helped with 30 trees. That leaves 15 trees.  Ballarat Fire Wood Supplies have generously chipped in for those.

Slainte – Colleen