The above quote was what John Toman wrote when he offered to buy trees from me to distribute to community groups for planting.

Some of the 145 trees planted at Balliang.

John’s 60 trees went out to The Brisbane Ranges (west of Melbourne) along with 45 trees from Tony Douglass, director at  Ballarat Hocking Stuart Real Estate, 15 trees from Felix Junker and 10 trees from Ohnmar John who has given the trees as a christening gift to baby Katie Barrette.

Thank you to all those above for your ‘gifts’.

I also need to acknowledge Professor Charles Taliaferro and noble environmental student Cody Ewers who, (along with 40 other students) have just completed an Environmental Ethics Course at St Olaf College in Minnesota and celebrated by having 15 trees planted. Students from the class wanted to name their trees. Phil 257, Ben, Hans, Sebastian, Espiritu, Aldo, Muir, Carson, Oliver, Skippy, Harriet, Chukkums, Woody, Keiko and Paco, you now have a young eucalyptus tree growing in Australia with a (virtual) name attached.

I can now say Fifteen Trees is truly international!

Well protected trees.


There is a thriving community spirit at the Brisbane Ranges, where landholders and landcare groups gather together to help preserve and maintain our native environment. Through the generosity of companies and individuals such as those mentioned above, Landcare Coordinator Neil Day was able to distribute 145 trees to local members to plant in the district. This included Andrew Prime (left) who planted 30 of the trees.

Bernice and Andrew Prime have lived all their lives in the Balliang area, the Prime family having lived in the district for more than 100 years.  They have both been active in Landcare for many years.

A lot of different groups and people (from across the planet) have come together to get these trees ‘in the ground’. Loving the internet today!

Slainte – Colleen