The Ginninderra Catchment Group along with students from the Diploma of Ecology and Environmental Management and members of the Macgregor Landcare Group joined together to undertake creek bank erosion control at the Lower Ginninderra Creek. A total of of 1400 trees, shrubs and grasses were planted of which 100 trees were funded by Toscan Dinn Funerals Weston ACT.

CIT planting Macgregor

The plantings will help with long-term erosion control and improve biodiversity along the creek. It is an ongoing project which aims to restore the area and provide patches of high quality habitat along the creek corridor from Ginninderra Falls to Mulligans Flat Sanctuary.

Macgregor Planting instream and edge Oct13

Thank you to Toscan Dinn for your support of our native environment.  Over time, these trees will provide habitat for the local fauna and flora and help keep the local creek healthy by stabilising the banks.

Toscan Dinn have planted these trees on the behalf of those entrusted to their care.

Slainte – Colleen