Flexicar employee.


Flexicar employee

On World Environment Day (June 5th), staff from Flexicar joined in with Friends of Westgate Reserve to plant out 300 trees.

“The future is really exciting in Westgate,” says Tony Flude, who helped manage and coordinate the event. “We expect a lot more visitors coming here over the next few years.”

Every year, Fifteen Trees organises trees to be planted to on Flexicar’s behalf.  The trees will help reduce the carbon footprint of the cars in the fleet. This company was switched on from our first meeting and were also very keen to be involved in the actual planting of the trees.

Thank you to Simon Bracken from Flexicar for being such so approachable and all the best with your entry in The Melbourne Awards . These awards celebrate the inspirational Melburnians who dedicate their time and energy for the benefit of the city.

Slainte – Colleen