Dear Colleen,

Ballina Crown Land Reserve, was a hectare of previously degraded and weed infested land adjoining the southern border of the Ballina Golf Club. However, it is slowly evolving and has now been planted with over 1500 native rainforest species. The Reserve is an area that is home to a number of threatened plant and animal species. It also has extremely high cultural significance.

Thank you to the supporters of Fifteen Trees which enabled us to plant an additional 150 trees in this beautiful area.

Simone Haigh, WetlandCare Australia’s Senior Project Officer.

Volunteers Jeremy, Paul and Jody from Southern Cross University.

Volunteers Jeremy, Paul and Jody from Southern Cross University.

There are a few people and companies to personally thank for these trees. Firstly, thank you to Leah Rocke for his 4 tree contribution.

Then, I need to thank Simon Hughes from Hughes Renovators Paradise who kicked in for 75 trees. Simon not only chased me up to remind me that he was due to have some trees planted again this year,  but he then very kindly passed my details onto Phil Stammers from Head Sox (check them out – very cool head gear) who then jumped on board with money to enable another 30 trees to be planted.

Sarah Miller from Embodiments Dance for women in Melbourne has helped plant 15 trees and finally Jessica Dalklomo from West Hoxton has bought 10 trees as a wedding gift for Angela and Alex Lindsay. Happy Wedding Day!

That leaves 16 trees. These were paid for by Albert at Ballarat Firewood Supplies and  Green Day Marketing. These companies promotes green products and services and Albert is always happy to support Fifteen Trees.

Thank you to all those above who contacted me at Fifteen Trees.

Collectively you have helped plant 150 trees in this beautiful region of NSW.

Slainte – Colleen