Planting in the shadow of the West Gate Bridge.

With the Westgate Bridge as a backdrop, the Friends of Westgate Park had a very successful day planting the trees provided to us by Fifteen Trees. Our group is engaged in a very successful re-vegetation program at the park (found right under the bridge in Port Melbourne) which involves planting between 20,000 and 25,000 plants each year. As these plants grow, the biodiversity of the area, which is close to where the Yarra River flows into Port Phillip Bay, is improving. It is becoming a popular place for people and for the birds and animals that choose to make the park their home. Thanks for your continuing support.

Tony Flude. Friends of Westgate Park

Ben Dechrai, one of the organisers from BarCampMelbourne, contacted Fifteen Trees to see if we could plant 120 trees on their behalf. BarCamps are unconferences – where people gather to share information, knowledge and experience in a friendly environment. BarCamps are participatory rather than passive events, attendees are expected to present, share and to contribute to the day.

Thank you Ben for finding Fifteen Trees and encouraging your attendants to come via public transport to make your gathering a small footprint event.

Slainte – Colleen