I met Eden Riley at an event last month run by Pro-Blogger and then started to follow her via her blog Edenland. When I read she was flying to India as a World Vision Ambassador,  I thought I’d offer to plant some trees on her behalf. To fly to India and back (I assumed she was returning) you need 22 trees planted to help cover your carbon footprint. Truth was, I wanted to put Fifteen Trees on this very successful blogger’s radar. Plus she seemed a pretty cool person to know. Eden wrote back to me – WOW. I would absolutely love that! Thank you so much. I love this initiative. Gives me hope!

As a result 22 of the 45 trees that were planted at Southern Cross Grammar in Melbourne are Edens. Safe travels.

A good start!

Also helping out with trees this month was Bek Berger from Aphids Events St Kilda. Bek wanted to give a gift of trees to her Board Members and Associates as a thank you for the hours and efforts they put into this ‘artists led cultural organisation’. Board members are as follows – Troup, Curnham, Young, Schlusser, Marshall, Joy, Adamson, Alimonos, Bhattacharya and Deana. Associates include – Thoms, Dunn, Coutts, Meecham and Pritchard.

The trees were planted by Sharon Lee (Grounds and Premises Director) and her students. Sharon writes ‘Hi Babes… please see pix of our kids planting today! On behalf of the whole school especially our Gardening Club, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!’ 

Slainte – Colleen