“All the trees donated by Fifteen Trees to the Metcalfe Landcare have been given wonderful homes by people who genuinely care about their little town and their local environment. Thank you to those who support Fifteen Trees who then in return support us.

Photo by Mick Tubb

One hundred and twenty trees went to the Mancuso family who planted out an eroded gully and creek bank. Pat Mancuso had been doggedly removing gorse from this area for a number of years. He hopes that one day all the Metcalfe kids (there are a few now) will meet and swim in the little waterhole near there and sit in the shade of the trees”.         Regards – Debbie Farmer, Secretary, Metcalfe Landcare.

Sincere thanks to those who can see the need to support rural Landcare groups like Metcalfe. Dayna Smith and Damien McClellan (Ecotreasures in Sydney) have helped out by funding the planting of 15 trees each. Simon Hughes (Hughes Renovators Paradise in Huntingdale) has requested 75 trees to be planted on his behalf. And the last 15 trees have paid for by us here at Fifteen Trees as a thank you to VECCI who have given us enormous support. In particular, a warm thank you to Anna Montague from the Melbourne office.

Slainte – Colleen