When you carbon offset your car or flight with Fifteen Trees,  you get to see exactly where your trees have been planted and you directly support our rural environment and communities.

Lake Macquarie.

 Kerry Palejs the CEO of MAS National (Making Apprenticeships Simple) has carbon offset her entire fleet of 30 cars with Fifteen Trees. As a result, 450 trees were donated to the Galgabba Landcare Group for planting in the Lake Macquarie region of NSW. Kerry’s direct action on climate change will make a huge difference to the region, particularly as the trees mature. Below is a letter from the landcare coordinator.

From little things ….

Dear Colleen

On behalf of the Galgabba Landcare Group I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your sponsor for the contribution of Carbon Offset trees for planting in this reserve. The great works carried out by Landcare groups is often limited by the availability of resources and funding.  The trees provided by your organisation allowed for the weeding and replanting of a significant area of the reserve. The area worked would not have hoped to see revegetation commence so quickly without your support. 

The Landcare group operating on Galgabba Point are thrilled to have had such unexpected boost and the planting of these trees has helped the environment and will continue to do so long into the future.                 

Keep up the good work! Jason Harvey | Landcare Coordinator (LakeMacquarie City Council).

The number of trees planted with the assistance of Fifteen Trees supporters – 4875