Involving the boys in tree planting.

Colleen, we are enormously grateful for the trees that we all enjoyed watching ‘leap out of their pots.’  Spring arrived and we planted then rather than risk frost.  We do not need to have shelters on them as the weather is perfect and we do not have roo’s or rabbits here.  We have planted on private and public land (crown land opposite us).

Many thanks for this investment in the future. Deborah, Darryl and the four boys.

The sixty trees planted at Castlemaine have been generously paid for by Julie Phillips and Ross Gillet (15 trees), Simon Canny (15 trees) and Troy Kelly fromAperim (30 trees). Troy is giving a gift of a tree planted for every new and renewing customer at his Internet support company.

Thank you to friends (who have jumped on board) and to those who have gone ‘surfing’ and found Fifteen Trees.

Cheers – Colleen