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21 11, 2017

Biodiversity and tree planting.

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The Viatek Group is a services-based organisation, offering tailored business solutions in print, telephony and all aspects of IT. Established in 1984, Viatek is Australian owned and operated. General Manager, Peter Bull has been a supporter of Fifteen Trees for the past 4 years. This year he has generously added to his tree portfolio with another 330 trees for community groups. These trees will reduce the carbon footprint of the company's fleet [...]

26 10, 2015

Planting Trees for Viatek (Central Vic).

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Managing Director of Viatek Central Victoria Peter Bull, walks the talk when it comes to sustainability. He understands that “being green is not just a potential competitive business advantage, it is also a good way to reduce costs and create more streamlined business processes”.  This year, Fifteen Trees planted 330 trees to reduce the carbon footprint of Viatek's fleet (15 trees for every car in the fleet). The trees were [...]

2 11, 2014

Tree Planting Whipstick, Vic.

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Tree Planting Whipstick Vic. Dear Colleen, On Sunday 10th August, the Northern Bendigo Landcare Group collaborated with 1st Eaglehawk Cubs and Scouts for a National Tree Day event, planting 165 trees thanks to the generosity of Viatek Central Victoria.  The indigenous species were planted along a road reserve as part of the Landcare group's Whirrakee Wattle Biolink: Whipstick to Wellsford project.  This project aims to improve connectivity by using the [...]

19 12, 2013

Meredith Reserve, Victoria.

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Peter Bull, General Manager of Viatek Central Victoria (Bendigo) was keen to reduce the carbon footprint of the 11 vehicles in his fleet by having 165 trees planted on his behalf. A quick look at the website told me that Viatek is in the 'technology game'.  Apart from the list of products and services, the website also had loads of green hints to help offices become more sustainable (e.g. how [...]