11 04, 2012

Avalon, Victoria.

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"Colleen, here is the photo of the 60 donated trees that were planted this year. Thank you for your efforts and your marvelous program to help green our area".  Joanne Sloothaak Hidden in every plastic sleeve is a native tree. Out on the western planes of Ballarat, 60 trees where planted by Joanne and her family, made possible by the supporters of Fifteen Trees. These trees would not [...]

11 12, 2010


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Hayden Real Estate have reduced their carbon footprint by organising through Fifteen Trees and Ullina Land-care Group, the planting of 30 trees.  The trees have been planted on private properties in the Broomfield and Creswick region.  With the huge amount of rain during the winter and spring, planting was delayed for months as the ground was just too damp. Now that the sun is shining the trees will shoot up rapidly [...]