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30 11, 2017

Grill’d Trees.

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Grill'd Ballarat is a big hearted company who take their burgers seriously. We love that we are given the option to buy vegan and vegetarian burgers that are delicious and kind to the planet. This is straight from their website .. We read somewhere that the greatest gift is the gift of giving money to those in need. We love to give back to the local communities we call home.     [...]

11 12, 2014

St Brigid’s Paddock

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The Sisters Of St Brigid have had a busy time planting 1000's of trees on a parcel of donated land at Shoreham Vic.  Brigid's Paddock (as it is now called) is slowly being re-vegetated from pasture to forest through the generous support of Aaron Bones (33 trees), Jennifer Forest (15 trees), Julie Phillips (15 trees) and Helen Rowan (2 trees as gifts). Aaron is manager/owner of new restaurant in Grill'd [...]