20 04, 2013

Learmonth Community Gardens, Vic.

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Dear Colleen, The Friends of Learmonth are very grateful for the donation by supporters of Fifteen Trees for the 250 native, indigenous plants which we have  planted in our Community Garden to complement the screening by the larger natives. The Community garden is a community initiative which continues to evolve. The location of the block is at the entrance to Learmonth and so we hope it will become a welcome [...]

28 03, 2012

Axedale, Victoria.

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"Hello Colleen, My sincere thanks to you and to the generous sponsors who make this program possible.  I was very grateful to receive 60 trees which were used to re-vegetate an eroded gully on a vacant bush block.  Over the years, off-road vehicles had stripped the cover from a gully and this resulted in severe erosion during the heavy rains which followed the drought.  Earlier this year, rocks and logs were placed to block vehicles [...]