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28 09, 2015

Time with The Raw Food Queen

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Let me introduce Kemi Nekvapil (AKA the Raw Food Queen) I first met Kemi in 2013 at the first Big Hearted Business Conference when she presented to the group some home truths about food.  A funny dynamic woman, Kemi was our first guest speaker and her energy and enthusiasm were catching. Kemi is a hard woman to catch as she is currently traveling around Australia with her family. However, I [...]

29 07, 2015

Time with Karolina Artist

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Karolina gave me explicit directions to her art studio. However I did not anticipate the majestic sky-line while driving west towards the township of Clunes. I had to keep stopping to take photos of the cumulonimbus clouds. You know the ones! Massive. Running late and anyway only half listening to her earlier directions, I promptly parked the car in her neighbours yard and then unceremoniously climbed through the wire fencing [...]

23 03, 2015

Time with …

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I came across Pauline O'Shannessy-Dowling (aka POD) at an art exhibition held in the old Union Building in Ballarat. Straight away I was drawn into her miniature detailed world of skyscrapers, trees and landscapes. I love her work so much that I asked POD to draw for me a collection of trees (indeed 15 trees) which I have since given away as gifts and prizes. POD also designs fabrics and [...]

7 01, 2015

Time with …

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I wanted an excuse to forge a connection with some of the great people I discover in my travels and thought what better way than to interview them? When I get a little more techno savvy, I'll try my hand at videoing, but for now it is simply questions and answers. Old school! This month, in my series of 'Time with ...' can I please introduce Jo Wilbow from Black [...]