More trees for Westgate Reserve.

//More trees for Westgate Reserve.

Simon Hughes from Hughes Renovators Paradise is unique in that he specializes in the sale of RECLAIMED building materials. This company encourages recycling and UP-CYCLING. Simon also supports tree planting through Fifteen Trees. Every year, I plant 90 trees for Renovators Paradise.

This year, Simon’s trees have gone to the West Gate Reserve (found right under the bridge) in Port Melbourne.


Tree planting


With the Westgate Bridge as a backdrop, the Friends of Westgate Park will this year plant 4,000 trees supplied by the generous supporters of Fifteen Trees. The group is engaged in a very successful re-vegetation program at the park  which involves annual planting of between 20,000 and 25,000 trees. As these trees grow, the biodiversity of the area is improving. It is becoming a popular place for people and for the birds and animals that choose to make the park their home.




Hughes Renovators Paradise’s passion for beautiful recycled building materials can be seen on their website and it is great to see all the products they have saved from landfill. Big hearted company.

Slainte – Colleen


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