Cantilever Interiors supports our native environment.

//Cantilever Interiors supports our native environment.

Cantilever Interiors was founded in 2006 by furniture and cabinet-makers Travis Dean, Peter Tragardh-Daly and Charlie Wilde. Their KITCHENS are hand-built in Melbourne workshop and shipped throughout Australia. Sustainability is CENTRAL to their design methodology. Cantilever Interiors believe in making LOCALLY, acting mindfully, choosing materials and suppliers for their SUSTAINABILITY credentials, minimising waste and most importantly designing PRODUCTS that will stand the test of time.


With sustainability in mind, Cantilever Interiors contacted Fifteen Trees to ask if we could plant 45 trees to reduce the carbon emissions of their 3 work cars. To which we replied ‘absolutely‘!


Flowerdale Landcare in action.

Flowerdale Landcare in action.


Many thanks to the team at Cantilever Interiors for your support of our native revegetation projects at Flowerdale. Through your contribution, Steve Joplin has been able to plant trees on a roadside reserve in the hills of Flowerdale. Over the year, supporters of Fifteen Trees have supplied this district with 1,000s of trees. This site was perfect for 45 of them.


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