Second Tuesday Book Club

//Second Tuesday Book Club


I’ve got book club on this week. We have been meeting now for yikes … 20 years now. We try very hard not to digress from the discussion questions until the champagne has gone (yes, we are that type of book club) and tea has been served.


It is nice to sit among friends, late on a Tuesday evening, solving all our problems over tea and cake. Homemade or store bought, it is always served up beautifully. We stay too long, we sneak out for cigarettes in the garden and we plan trips together that never really take place.


During the evening, the conversation inevitably steers towards our kids, our kid’s kids and the future. We all despair about our beautiful planet.


I organised 105 trees to be planted by students at Queensland’s Innisfail State College (a combined secondary school and TAFE) on the behalf of my book club friends. One hundred and five trees represents 6 book club members x 15 (number of trees you need to plant yearly to reduce your car’s carbon emissions).

Many hours of work has gone into the riverbank along the Johnstone River (which runs behind the school).  The area is now (almost) free of weeds and the students have provided a wonderful habitat for local wildlife, especially native birds.


Slainte – Colleen

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