A wedding gift.

During February every year, the Sustainable Living Foundation puts on a 3 day sustainable living festival. This year at my stall,  I offered a ‘one tree’ option for those who liked the idea of helping out with planting trees on a small scale. As a result, 26 people decided to part with $5.00 and have since had planted 26 trees on their behalf.

Also at the festival, Jennifer Clark and Kayed Al-Qasimi visited the Fifteen Trees’ stall and bought 15 trees to be planted in rural Victoria. In fact, Kayed bought his new wife Goli, 15 trees as a a wedding gift. My first wedding trees !

Kayed and Goli.

 The 60 trees were planted out near Bendigo by the Punton family. Kerry writes – “Hi Colleen,  its a little hard to see all the trees in sleeves because of the long grass, but they are there! We have had good rain so far this season which will be good for their growth”.

For those who like to add –  26 (one tree option) plus 15 (Clark) and 15 (Al-Qasimi) doesn’t quite equal 60 – I kicked in for the remaining 4.

If you look closely .. you will see a little tree.   You may have to ‘zoom in’!

Slainte – Colleen

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